This page will guide you to transfer configuration to your device using the web server.


Since version 1.0.2, you can download the ZIP files directly from the app.

You can download all tested providers configurations, or download your own using a custom URL.

You must have prepared a folder including an OpenVPN configuration file (.conf or .ovpn) and all certificates related, and made a ZIP file from it (see here)


1 - On the device, run OpenVPN, go in the "Settings" tab and activate the web server



2 - Now, go back to your computer, open your favorite browser and go to your web server address.



3 - Click on "Choisissez un fichier" or any translation of that depending on your language,

and select the zip file containing your configuration



4 - Click on "Submit", if all goes well, you should now see your certificate in the list. You will be able to remove it by clicking on the trash icon.



5 - Go back to your device, in the "General" tab. You now see the configuration you just uploaded. Select it.



You can open or close the tunnel by using the "Connect" switch.

The log can be displayed in the "Log" tab.