GuizmOVPN is an OpenVPN GUI for iPhone/iPad, designed to be easy to setup, configure and run.

News :

07/12/15 :

GuizmOVPN 1.2.2 released !

iOS9 fixes


25/11/14 :

GuizmOVPN 1.2.1 released !

iOS8 support

OpenVPN updates to 2.3.4

Replacement of TUNEMU over PPP by UTUN

Improved multicast


Many other bug fixes


12/01/14 :

GuizmOVPN 1.2.0 released !

iOS7 support

ARM64 support

CCToggles toggle


HTTP custom headers patch

Scramble patch (


04/03/13 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.9 released !

Automatic connection/disconnection depending on connectivity/SSID

iOS6 iMessage fix

iPhone5 screen support

Option to stop/start the manager from SBSettings toggle

NCSettings toggle

Support wrapping OpenVPN tunnel in a stunnel (stunnel )


07/01/13 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.8 released !

Handle auto-proxy on reconnection

Fix multicast on Wifi

Support client proxy (client-http-proxy )


04/08/12 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.7 released !

Improved multicast support

Support iTunes home sharing

Resolve server name when using auto-proxy

Support Hans ICMP Tunnel

Fix iPhone3G compatibility

Add missing SBSettings theme


26/06/12 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.6 released !

Add support for 7zip files

Fix subnet browsing

Fix embedded browser download

Support auto-proxy


13/06/12 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.5 released !

Fix crash on connection

Fix configuration rights issue


02/03/12 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.4 released !

Fix false icon on respring

Remove "Disconnect Fix" switch

Fix issue on configuration selection

Fix disconnection issue

Multicast support (partial)

Improve DNS support on iOS5

DHCP on TAP support


11/01/12 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.3 released !

Fix occasional AUTH_FAILED issue

iMessage support

Fix notification issue on some 5.x devices


20/11/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.2 released !

Fix status icon on iOS5

Fix DNS issue on iOS5

OpenVPN updated to 2.2.1

Support for lladdr directive

Improved battery usage

Improved DNS management

24/07/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.1 released !

Button to reset log

Compatibility with iOS5 beta 4

30/05/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.1.0 released !

Blinking status icon during connection

OpenVPN updated to 2.2.0

Fix notifications on 3G

Other minor bug fixes

30/04/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.9 released !

Fix notification/push mail issues

05/04/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.8 released !

Allow ".ovpn" file download/upload from Safari/Web browser/Web server

OpenVPN updated to 2.1.4

Minor bug fixes

22/03/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.7 released !

Allow downloading ZIP from Safari

Fix issues with Web browser

Fix configuration list doubles


Edit : Version 1.0.7-1 online. It fixes the statusbar icon with libstatusbar 0.9.2.

09/03/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.6 released !

Web browser to download configurations (ZIP only)

Fix an issue with Web server

Fix an issue on disconnection

Fix Springboard icon display


15/01/11 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.5 released !

Fix routing issues on disconnection

Accept more "dev" options

Ignore "dev-node" option

Other minor bug fixes


Edit : Version 1.0.5-3 online. It solves a crash issue on some 4.2.1 devices.

16/11/10 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.4 released !

Improved TAP support

Retina display

06/11/10 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.3 released !

TAP support (experimental)

Fix an issue with DNS restore

Better reconnection after connectivity loss

Handle "on-demand" 3G connection

Socks proxy support

Display VPN infos (IP, Netmask, Gateway, ...)

11/10/10 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.2 released !

Configuration downloader

Possibility to remove/rename configs

Option to automaticly send saved auth

Option to restart network on VPN disconnect

Fix DNS problem on some devices

Many other minor bug fixes


Edit : There was a new DNS problem on 1.0.2, please update to 1.0.2-1.


20/08/10 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.1 released !

Configuration editor

Password lock

Better reconnection after connectivity loss

Fix disconnection issue

Fix log scrolling on iOS4

Many other minor bug fixes


27/07/10 :

GuizmOVPN 1.0.0 released !

iPad version

Close button on user/pass popup

DNS settings

Status icon fix on iOS4

Support improved for 3rd party apps

Support improved for 3G/Wifi reconnection


30/06/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.9 released !

Fix an issue of previous release on fresh install

Add support for some third party apps (eBay, Siphon, FML,...)


29/06/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.8 released !

SBSettings toggle (with daemon control)

PKCS/HTTP Proxy/Private Key/Auth support via popup window.

Many other bugfixes...


There may be some issues with MobileSubstrate under iOS4.0.

Next release should be fully tested and compatible with iOS4.0.


19/06/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.7 released !

Auto-reconnect when switching from Wifi to 3G

Add your local DNS to the DNS list sent by the server

Fix the issue with ZIP files created under MacOSX

Many other bugfixes...


08/06/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.6 released !

Status icon displayed even when the GUI is closed

DNS push correction

29/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.5 released !

DNS resolution improved by supporting DNS push.

File tree is now allowed for configurations.


27/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.4 released !

The option "auth-user-pass" is now working. (see FAQ)


25/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.3 released !

The option "redirect-gateway" is now working.

Dependency for "network-cmds" has been added (missing in some devices).


24/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.2 released !

A button has been added in the "Log" tab.

It allows you to send me the log file for support.


24/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.1 released !

The missing dependencies (openssl and libpcap) have been added in the package.


22/05/10 :

GuizmOVPN 0.9.0 released !

This is the first "usable" version...

Features :

  • Support for TUN and TAP modes
  • Background OpenVPN service
  • Web-based interface to manage the OpenVPN configurations
  • Interface "user friendly"
  • Multiple configurations
  • Configuration editor
  • SBSettings/NCSettings/CCToggles/Flipswitch toggles
  • Log display
  • Support for saved username/password authentication file (see FAQ)
  • Support for PKCS/HTTP Proxy/Private Key/Auth via popup window.
  • Support for DNS push from the server (also keep your local DNS)
  • VPN status indication even when the GUI is closed
  • Auto-reconnect when switching from Wifi to 3G
  • Password lock
  • Possibility to download/rename/remove the configuration on the device
  • Support for HTTP/Socks proxy
  • Support for DHCP relay (route-gateway dhcp)
  • Auto-detect local proxy (auto-proxy)
  • Automatic connection/disconnection depending on connectivity/SSID
  • HTTP custom headers patch
  • Scramble patch (

Requirements :

  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPod/iPad running 4.3 firmware or higher
  • Remote OpenVPN server
  • OpenVPN client configuration and certificates

Limitations :

  • Only 1 tunnel can be initialized at a time
  • Unregistered version will be fully operative for 7 days, then it will disconnect every 5 minutes, with 5 minutes delay before reconnect

Known issues :

  • Tell me ;)